Simple Rsync Backup Script

Over the last 10 years i’ve tested and used many different backup solutions for my Linux and Mac machines.

I think the very first one i have used regularly was unison. A great tool for bidirectional syncing, but it always had problems with special characters.

And, there are many commercial ones out there. The good ones often cost US$ 40-80. Simply too much for what i need.

Last weekend i thought… Hey dude, you’re a Linux guy, do it the good old Unix way! The simple solutions are often so close…

First i simply used a very simple bash script which only executed some rsync commands. Then i extended it to do some checks, write some informational data to the screen, and make the configuration a bit simpler.

If you want to try it, download the file below, make the expanded “.sh”-file executable and add your directories to backup at the bottom within the configuration section as follows:

syncDir "Name" "Source Directory" "Destination Directory"

for example:
syncDir "Very important data" "/Users/myname/Important" "/Volumes/Backup/"
syncDir "Documents" "$HOME/Documents" "/Volumes/Backup/myuser/"

At the moment only local directories can be used. No remote systems (yet).


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