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Quick tip: Limiting RPC dynamic port range

One annoying thing with RPC is, that it is configured to use over 16’000 ports by default (in 2008 Server). That’s absolutely not needed in most cases. I normally limit the range to 1000 ports which is more than enough, and makes firewall administrators a bit more happy… a bit… To change the port range to f.ex. 43000-43999 you have … Continue reading

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Loopback Group Policy with Security Filtering

Loopback Group Policies are very nice because you can apply a specific user policy if they logon to specified computers (Remote Desktop servers in my case). But there are two settings you should take care of, or it will not work: 1. Enable “User Group Policy loopback processing” Create a new OU where you can put in your remote desktop … Continue reading

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Quick tip: Never forget sysprep…

I ran into a problem where duplicate SIDs existed and caused a lot of problems, because i have cloned a base installation of Windows 2008 R2 server. Not a good idea if the Domain Controller and an Exchange 2010 server have duplicate SIDs. So, quick tip: Never, never, never forget to run Sysprep on a cloned machine: NOTE: Don’t forget … Continue reading

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