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Slow DNS lookup on CentOS 6 machines

Slow DNS lookups can have many reasons. Mostly they are easy to fix because it simply is a wrong IP address of the DNS  f.ex. But today i had a harder one, but was easy to fix if you know how… Looking up an address with dig works all the time, but when puppet gets its plugins or other files … Continue reading

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Quickly find large vmware.log files

Because one of our VMs had an error while taking a snapshot, i wanted to have a look inside vmware.log. Recognized that it was more than three GB in size. That’s not normal at all. In vSphere 5.1 VMware changed the way it rotates the vmware.log file. The setting “log.rotateSize” doesn’t exists anymore. It now uses a bandwith/rate limit, which … Continue reading

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