Quick tip: VMware vSphere and USB, use xHCI

For a project i had to move quite a lot of data, which is used as an initial seed for replication, to a second location. The best device i could find quickly was a 1TB USB disk. OK, fine…

Copied all the data to the disk on my client and shipped the disk to the second location. There it was attached to a vSphere host directly. Never used USB device on a vSphere host directly before, but knew that it works.

So i added a “EHCI+UHCI” controller to the VM and attached the USB disk. Fine… Well… Not that fine. A transfer rate of 5-6MB/s isn’t fine at all. Even for a cheap USB disk.

Stopped the copy process, removed the device and controller from the VM and added an xHCI controller instead of theĀ “EHCI+UHCI”. And now, 30MB/s. Much better!

Always use a xHCI USB controller if you have to attach a USB device to a VM which needs performance.

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