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Quick tip: Download all pdf files on a website

After RedHat Enterprise Linux 7 was released this week, which has a bunch of very cool features by the way, I wanted to download all the new documentations as PDF to put them on my iPad. But right-click each of the 30 links and click “save as” definitely wasn’t the way to go. Administrators are lazy guys… URL of the … Continue reading

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Quick tip: Flush OS X Mavericks plist file cache

My finding of the day while I did a clean install on my MacBook Pro: In OS X Mavericks, Apple started to cache plist files, which results in replacing a plist file manually has no effect until the cache is reloaded automatically. If you open the application which uses this plist file to early, it overwrites your copied file with … Continue reading

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Quick tip: [bash] Execute multiple files in a directory at once

Today i created a bunch of scripts which i have to execute one by one from time to time. The order doesn’t matter. So i simply can execute this one-liner:

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Quick tip: Never forget sysprep…

I ran into a problem where duplicate SIDs existed and caused a lot of problems, because i have cloned a base installation of Windows 2008 R2 server. Not a good idea if the Domain Controller and an Exchange 2010 server have duplicate SIDs. So, quick tip: Never, never, never forget to run Sysprep on a cloned machine: NOTE: Don’t forget … Continue reading

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Getting RHT03 Temperature- and Humidity Sensor working at 3.3V

Around a week ago, I tried to get a RHT03 sensor to work with my JeeNode which runs at 3.3V. Whatever i did, it always returned a timeout error. The datasheet specifies the sensor to work from 3.3 to 6V, so it should work.┬áIf i connect 5V to VCC, it worked fine , but not with 3.3V. At the end … Continue reading

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